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Work Zone Violations Continue to Compromise Safety

For immediate release: August 24, 2017 - 8:38am

The City is continuing to receive reports of members of the public disrespecting work zones and compromising worker and public safety. The single biggest issue continues to be disregarding work zone signage and barriers and entering work zones.

“The City has strict practices for work zone set-up and management and it’s something we take very seriously,” says Cory Funk, Traffic Operations & Control Manager. “It can be frustrating when our crews take a great deal of time and care to ensure their work zones meet safety protocols, but then to see signage, cones or barriers ignored and the work zone compromised.”

Funk understands that road users can experience frustrations when they see a work zone in place where there doesn’t appear to be any work underway. However, he says it’s just as important that people respect signage even when workers are not present. Barriers remain in place for a number of reasons that aren’t always visible such as when road or roadside hazards are present or when fresh road treatments are setting.

It’s also important to note that work zones can come in various forms and are not just the typical roadwork construction areas that people are accustomed to seeing. A work zone is a signed zone around any work area that’s in place to protect workers and members of the public. The landfill is a permanent work zone and visitors will note the permanent placement of work zone signage and barriers. Parks can also include work zones when crews are using equipment to undertake maintenance and improvement work. Since not all work zones look the same, Saskatoon residents are advised to watch for workers and signage wherever they go.

The Respect Work Zones campaign supports the City Council Strategic Priority (2016-2020 Term) of Transportation. This year, through the Building Better Roads program, City Council is investing $61 million to build, maintain and repair sidewalks and roadways in local neighbourhoods in addition to other projects around the city.