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Saskatoon gets set to shape how we move

For immediate release: June 13, 2018 - 4:31pm

Saskatoon is re-imagining how we grow and move around our city by addressing our community and infrastructure needs for transit, cycling, walking and other modes of transportation in support of the City’s Plan for Growth.

“We’re at a critical time in considering how we’re going to develop our city for the future. The input we’ve received from members of the community has helped to shape the plan for Bus Rapid Transit, and we’re looking forward to continue working with citizens to identify the best ways to implement it in the coming years,” says Lesley Anderson, Director of Planning & Development. “This Special meeting will help lay out all the information in one place on both the Transit Plan and BRT, as well as the Downtown AAA Cycling Network”

Over the past eight months, the City has engaged with community members and stakeholders regarding the new Transit Plan – based around Bus Rapid Transit and the Downtown All Ages and Abilities Cycling Network. The next step in the engagement process for these projects involves Civic Administration presenting associated information reports at a Special Governance and Priorities Committee meeting on June 20, 2018.

In preparation for growth, citizens should be aware that their voice is significant in shaping these projects. Whether it’s through submitting comments and/or speaking in person, every form of engagement is essential in connecting to the big picture, which is presenting these projects to City Council for approval in Fall/Winter 2018.  

“We are at a very exciting time in our history, developing mobility options for customers of the future,” says Michael Moellenbeck, Acting Director of Saskatoon Transit. “Bus Rapid Transit, the Transit Plan and the AAA Cycling Network are initiatives about which we have had great conversations within the community and we are using those comments to adjust proposals into plans. There will be more engagement required as we work to develop the final plans but this special meeting will provide us with an excellent starting point.”

The selected streets for the downtown AAA cycling network are: 19th Street, 23rd Street, 4th Avenue, and Idylwyld Drive.

“These streets were selected based on a detailed understanding of trade-offs between the variety of users and functions these downtown streets serve, striving to achieve a balance amongst all users,” says Jay Magus, Acting Director of Transportation.

“The proposed Downtown AAA cycling network introduces a three-and-a-half kilometre network of downtown cycling facilities, providing an interconnected system of facilities that is comfortable and attractive for most users.”

Should citizens want to submit a letter or have their voice heard during this event, it is asked that they submit a “request to speak” using the following link: 

Plan for Growth projects are funded in part under the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF) from the Government of Canada. The Government of Saskatchewan administers federal PTIF funding in the Province. The City is funding the remainder of the Plan.

To learn more about the Transit Plan, visit  and for the Downtown All Ages and Abilities Cycling Network, visit

Learn more about engagement opportunities by visiting