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Zoning Bylaw Compliance Certificates

Zoning Bylaw Compliance Certificates provide a summary of existing uses and structures on a specific site as they pertain to the applied zoning district.  The Zoning Bylaw Compliance Certificate will provide information on particular characteristics of a site including current zoning designation, land use, building setbacks and any identified zoning deficiencies.  Information is also provided on any rezoning applications that may be currently under review and outstanding zoning infractions. 

To request a Zoning Bylaw Compliance Certificate, please email  In the Subject line please indicate “Zoning Compliance Certificate – address of property”. The body of the text should include the civic address and/or the legal land description of the subject site along with your contact information.  If available, please attach a recent Real Property Report or Surveyor's Certificate to the request.

A fee of $220 is required prior to issuing a Certificate.  Please contact the Development Review Section at 306-975-2645 to discuss payment options.