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Short on time? Visit the City Councillors and Wards web page to send an email to your Councillor.    

Not sure which ward you live in? Find your ward by entering your address into the Ward Finder. 

Prefer to connect with your Councillor? Introducing WARDConnect 

One call, three options to find information or report issues and concerns related to your ward. Your enquiry may be forwarded to City Administration for assistance.  

When you call your WardConnectphone number, you’ll have three options to connect to:  

  1. The 24-hour Service Saskatoon Customer Care Centre for sewer back up and drainage, garbage collection, roadways, sidewalks, street sweeping, potholes, construction, traffic flow, road closures, lights, signage, parks and City-owned trees.  Reach the 24-hour Service Saskatoon Customer Care Centre directly at 306-975-2476. 

  1. The Councillor who represents your ward.    

  1. The Councillors’ Office for general inquiriessuch as to invite your Councillor to an event, or to set up a meeting.



City Councillor
Term 2020 – 2024

Phone Numbers

1 Darren Hill 306-975-3671
2 Hilary Gough 306-975-3672
3 David Kirton 306-975-3673
4 Troy Davies 306-975-3674
5 Randy Donauer 306-975-3675
6 Cynthia Block 306-975-3676
7 Mairin Loewen 306-975-3677
8 Sarina Gersher 306-975-3678
9 Bev Dubois 306-975-3679
10 Zach Jeffries 306-975-3680


For questions or inquiries related to the Mayor’s Office, please visit