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Land and Green Infrastructure

New Development Investment

Saskatoon is growing. The location of new development and the amount that is being invested shows how the City’s planning policies are being put into action. 

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Green Network

Saskatoon's green network is the collection of green spaces and other "green infrastructure" found on public land in the city.

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Urban Food Production

Community gardens on public land provide local opportunities to grow food for residents that do not otherwise have access to land suitable for gardening.

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Park Space

Parks provide habitat for birds and other animals, and greenspace and recreation opportunities for city residents and visitors. Many parks are naturalized and support significant biodiversity.

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Population Density

Population density measures the number of people living in a given area. Higher density can contribute to sustainability.

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Urban Forest

Saskatoon’s urban forest provides shade, habitat for birds and other animals, air purification, GHG sequestration, and beauty and character for our neighbourhoods and city.

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