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New Development Investment

  Status: Monitoring

Saskatoon is growing. The location of new development and the amount that is being invested shows how the City’s planning policies are being put into action. A sustainable community experiences growth that is balanced; with healthy levels of new investment in the city centre and strategic infill areas, within established neighbourhoods, and in new neighbourhoods that are designed to conserve natural and agricultural lands, conserve water and energy, and reduce the cost of building new infrastructure like roads, water and sewer lines.

Where are we now?

Investment in new development is spread throughout the city, with the greatest concentrations in the downtown and new Greenfield communities. In 2021, there were 3,786 building permits with a total value of $749,050,000. $3,397,000 of this value was for demolition permits. The 'heat' maps below indicate the range from no value (blue areas) to the highest total value of permits (red areas).




heat map

Source: City of Saskatoon - Planning & Development

What Are We Doing?

Growth Plan to Half a Million

The City has completed a plan that will guide future infrastructure investment so that residents will have more choices for how they live and move around as Saskatoon grows over the next 30 to 40 years.

Infill Strategy

Neighbourhood infill describes new homes that are built in existing neighbourhoods. The Neighbourhood Level Infill Strategy makes sure that, as these new homes are built, the characteristics of neighbourhoods are maintained.

The following table outlines the City's Plan for Growth target population for each category of infill and greenfield development. The population projections are based on the City Council approved Plan for Growth, Sector Plans, and Concept Plans. The current population is based on Census Population Data.

Garden and Garage Suite Regulations

As part of the Neighbourhood Level Infill Development Strategy, regulations have been developed for small stand-alone dwelling units that can be constructed on their own or in combination with a detached garage.

River Landing

Construction of new housing is underway by the riverfront edge of downtown and will continue as the City sells additional parcels of land.

New Neighbourhood Development

New neighbourhoods developed by Saskatoon Land are designed to be less vehicle dependent by creating connected, compact, mixed-use communities. Designs take into account the solar orientation of streets to increase the potential for active and passive solar heat and energy generation. Stormwater absorbing landscaping projects and constructed wetlands are being integrated where necessary for a more sustainable approach to stormwater management. For more on this topic - including info about the newest neighbourhoods of Evergreen, Kensington, Aspen Ridge and Rosewood - please visit Saskatoon Land's webpage.

What Can You Do?

As the Growth Plan is implemented, there will continue to be communications and engagement. Visit to subscribe for updates.

Use Shaping Saskatoon, Saskatoon’s online engagement tool, to learn about current projects and join discussions on the future of our City.

Consider the downtown and strategic growth areas when making your next property investment decision.

Did You Know?

Saskatoon's population estimate for July 2021 is 282,900.