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City Council consists of a mayor and ten councillors, elected for a term of four years.

Saskatoon uses the ward system, where electors vote only for candidates in their own ward; hence there are 10 wards.

The Province of Saskatchewan, through legislation, sets out the powers of municipal governments. City Council’s main powers are set out in The Cities Act. City Council decides which programs will be delivered, the level of service, and the allocation of human and financial resources.

The City Manager’s role is to carry out the policy and directions set by City Council and to supervise the day-to-day operations of the City.

PLEASE NOTE:  New ward boundaries will take effect with the 2020 municipal and school board elections to be held November 9, 2020.  For more information on Ward Boundary Changes, please view that information here

2016 Ward Maps and Information 

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 City-wide ward map

 City-wide ward map - with Councillors

Individual Ward Maps:

 Ward 1    Ward 6
 Ward 2    Ward 7
 Ward 3    Ward 8
 Ward 4    Ward 9
 Ward 5    Ward 10



Ward Finder 

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If your address is a multi-unit dwelling and contains a unit and building number please separate them with a hyphen. For example: "A-123 Ave O S". Please do not include periods when abbreviating address components, for example type "1234 8th St E" instead of "1234 8th St. E." If a problem continues, please contact the Office of the City Clerk at 306-975-3240