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Which Ward Do I Live In?

The City of Saskatoon is divided into ten wards, each represented by a City Councillor.


2016 Ward Maps and Information 

Select a link to download the map you want:

 City-wide ward map

 City-wide ward map - with Councillors

Individual Ward Maps:

 Ward 1    Ward 6
 Ward 2    Ward 7
 Ward 3    Ward 8
 Ward 4    Ward 9
 Ward 5    Ward 10



Ward Finder 

 Please Note

If your address is a multi-unit dwelling and contains a unit and building number please separate them with a hyphen. For example: "A-123 Ave O S". Please do not include periods when abbreviating address components, for example type "1234 8th St E" instead of "1234 8th St. E." If a problem continues, please contact the Office of the City Clerk at 306-975-3240

Type the first few characters of your address and select a valid address from the dropdown.