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Traffic Safety Action Plan

The City of Saskatoon collaborated with partners at the University of Saskatchewan, including the College of Engineering and Saskatchewan Centre of Excellence for Transportation and Infrastructure (SCETI), to compile a Strategic Traffic Safety Action Plan. The plan, announced in September 2014, outlines various ways of improving traffic safety in Saskatoon.

The Strategic Traffic Safety Action Plan targets these key factors in traffic safety:

  • Aggressive, distracted and impaired driving
  • Intersections
  • Older and younger drivers
  • Vulnerable road users (e.g. pedestrians and cyclists)

The combination of historical, current and forecast data can help inform the City's traffic safety strategies. The result is over 30 collaborative and data-driven strategies that focus on education, enforcement and/or engineering. Some suggestions include improved traffic signal operation, well maintained pavement markings and public education around impaired and distracted driving.

The plan’s strategies were developed with input from the Saskatoon Board of Education, Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI), the Saskatoon Health Region and the Saskatoon Police Service.