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Public Education


Saskatoon Fire Department (SFD) is proud of its ongoing commitment to fire and life safety education to people of all ages. Annually, we educate various groups thru safety presentations and provide Fire Station Tours for elementary classes.

The National Fire Protection Association's Learn Not To Burn program has been a popular part of the curriculum in all Saskatoon schools for many years. Through the program children learn about the dangers of fire and how to react should a fire ever happen in their home. Community Relations staff complement Learn Not to Burn with their own presentations on fire safety, home escape planning and river safety.

To book a presentation or Fire Station Tour please contact SFD Community Relations at 306-975-2574

Program Firestop

A juvenile firesetter is anyone under the age of 17 who is involved in the unsanctioned, non-instrumental use of fire. Firesetting by juveniles, regardless of the intention, is extremely dangerous. Each year, fires set by young people result in property damage, injuries and death.

Program Goals

The mission of Saskatoon Fire Department is to provide efficient, effective, and meaningful educational intervention for young firesetters and their families. It is our goal to reduce property damage and injuries, resulting from fires set by youth.

Educational Intervention 

The Firestop Program relies on a referral system. School officials, fire personnel, police officers, social services, mental health services, juvenile justice organizations and families refer individuals engaged in firesetting to the Saskatoon Fire Department.

Once an individual is enrolled in the voluntary program, a Community Relations Coordinator interviews the family and provides one-on-one fire safety education. Participants enrolled the fire safety course learn about fire behaviour and the consequences of fire play activity including burn injuries. Visual aids, videos, stories, posters and lectures are used to ensure that the learning needs of all participants are met.

Participants are also required to complete homework assignments focusing on the various lessons discussed during the course.

Community Relations Coordinators contact each child six months after the program is completed in order to monitor the child's success and the effectiveness of the program.

For more information on this program or to make a referral, please call 306-975-2574

Special Events

Saskatoon Fire Department hosts exciting public events during the year. Badge, Shield and Star Awards Dinner is put on by SFD, Saskatoon Police Services, MD Ambulance and the Saskatoon Rotary Club each spring to promote the work of fire, police and paramedics. 

During the summer, SFD hosts two "Fun Day in the Park" events and has Fire Safety displays at various city events.

Every October, SFD host "Open House" events at various Fire Stations throughout the city, during Fire Prevention Week.


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