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Your Water Meter

Read Your Home Water Meter

When you regularly read your own water meter, you can keep your account current and accurate in between readings done by our City of Saskatoon meter readers.

  • When you read your own water meter, your water bill is then based on your actual consumption.
  • If you do not provide a reading from your water meter, your readings are then estimated - this way you may be over or under billed.
  • If you have had a number of estimated reads for some time, followed by an actual read - you may see a sudden rise in your water bill amount if your water consumption was higher than what was estimated.

Benefits of Reading Your Own Water Meter

  • Regular reading of your home water meter allows you to keep your account current and accurate.
  • When you do consistent, actual reads of your water meter, you can monitor your actual water consumption - this can help identify any plumbing leaks in toilets or fixtures sooner - saving you money.

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How to Read Your Meter

Water Meter Dial Display

If your water meter has dials, each dial is numbered from zero to nine and has one hand or pointer moving in a clockwise or counter clockwise direction that indicates the current reading of the dial. The outside of each dial is also labelled with the digit it represents. As the dials are arranged in a circular pattern, match the labelled dials on the meter to the same dials on the card. Read from the lowest digit (10) to the highest digit (100,000 or 1,000,000), and draw the exact position of the hand on each dial. If you are phoning in the meter reading, you may tell us the position of each hand on the dials or you may follow these simple rules to interpret your water meter reading:

Starting from the 10 dial, determine the reading of each dial.

  • If the dial hand is between two numbers, record the lower number. For example, if the hand is between 3 and 4, this dial is reading 3.
  • If the dial hand is between 9 and 0, it is reading 9. A dial hand between 0 and 1 reads 0. (The hand is always moving from the lower to the higher number and it must pass the number before it records it)
  • If the dial hand is pointing directly at a number, look at the previous dial. If the dial for the previous digit has not yet passed 0, record the lower number for the dial in question. In the example below, the 1,000 dial is still reading 2 as the hand on the 100 dial has not yet passed 0 and is still recording 9.
  • When you call to give us the meter reading, read out the number from the highest to the lowest digit (1,000,000 or 100,000 to 10). Do not include the One Foot dial.

This meter is reading 384295

Multiple dial meter

Water Meter Digital Display

Water meters may have a digital reading just like the odometer in your car. If you have a digital meter, record all the numbers including shaded digit(s) in the boxes on the self-read card or online. To phone in your reading, simply read out all the numbers from left to right.

Digital Meter display and self-read card example